ZVA, Ltd. is professional, independent and long-term stability enterprises in electric industry since 1991. We haveexperiences in producing distributors, low and high voltage installations, measurement and regulation of the buildings etc. Our team is ready to figure out your technical problems and we will help you to realize all "electric dreams". The main goal of ZVA s.r.o. is providing professional services and to satisfy our customers. Effective achievement of the quality policy is oriented to the main tasks:

  • Marketing authorization and approval of our products, to place the safe and efficient product on the market.
  • Quality control relating to the manufacturing and wholesale distribution of products.
  • Ensure the quality and entirety of performing services.

ZVA product portfolio

  • Low voltage installation
  • Revisions of electrical machines, systems and equipments
  • Distributors - manufacturing, assembling
  • Data networks - creating, installation, administration
  • Measurement and Regulation
  • Electric fire safety systems
  • Audio and Video systems
  • Communications systems
  • Access checkpoint systems


CEO: +421-52-7793620
Fax: +421-52-7793620
General demand: zva@zva.sk
Emergency service: zva@zva.sk
Address: ZVA spol. s r.o., Švábovce 182, 059 12 Hôrka, Slovakia